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Generator Of Cryptographically-strong Passwords

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Human-generated passwords[ edit ] People are notoriously poor at achieving sufficient entropy to produce satisfactory passwords. According to one study involving half a million users, the average password entropy was estimated at Thus, in one analysis of over 3 million eight-character passwords, the letter “e” was used over 1. A uniform distribution would have had… Read More »

Improving Performance

How you practice makes a big difference. You need to think about feedback loops, deliberate practice, and working in chunks. The mindset between top performers and amateurs is different. Sleep is incredibly important. What Suggestions Would You Make to Assist an Employee in Improving Performance? Improving your performance at work can help you get in… Read More »

Download PhotoWipe® 2019 Latest Free Version

Works Great tcbisthewaytobe May 28, Works just as intended. Be sure if you are having issues to disable plugins or flip to a default Theme to check what the issues are. We had Advanced Woo Slider or some other plugin installed, but not activated and it still caused issues until deletion. The Shopkeeper May 20,… Read More »

Launch (Similar To Launchy) Dev Test 2

Smart Launcher has long been one of our low-key favorites with its simple “flower” favorites grid and sorted app folder, and the latest version, Smart Launcher 5, adds a ton of Microsoft quietly released its own Android launcher more than two years ago. Twitch Windows New Microsoft Launcher app 4. New launcher app Smart Launcher… Read More »