ReNamer Lite Beta

By | 02.11.2019

Added Ukrainian language file. Updated Russian language file. Meta Tags: Handle synchsafe encoding of frame sizes as per ID3v2.
ReNamer Lite Beta

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Added Ukrainian language file. Updated Russian language file. Meta Tags: Handle synchsafe encoding of frame sizes as per ID3v2. Increased default width of the main window from to px.

Increased default width of the rules table columns. Updated French language file. Thanks to Ozzii. Pascal Script: A workaround to avoid Access Violation in functions with dynamic array return type. Added transliteration file for Lithuanian language.

Updated Italian language file. Thanks to Vittorio Ierardi. Updated Spanish language file. Thanks to Francisco J. Updated Chinese Traditional language file. Thanks to William Xi. Updated Japanese language file. Thanks to Tilt. Updated Turkish language file. Display a count of folders added for renaming, in the status bar. Updated Serbian language file. Added back the original Turkish language file, keeping both translations.

Added a setting to toggle the visibility of the main toolbar. Optimizations and bug fixes in the RegEx engine. Implemented handling of the Unicode word boundaries in the RegEx engine. Increased the maximum number of RegEx subexpressions from 15 to Refactored file path validation, including SharePoint naming specification. Updated Tamil India language file. Changed build environment to Lazarus 1. Dropped support for Windows 9x platform.

New list of supported platforms: Windows and later. Excluded messages from language files which do not require translation. Exporting all columns of the files table mangles the Unicode content. Pascal Script mangles Unicode literal strings in source code.

Exif Date column is empty for non-Latin filenames. Rectified compatibility issues related to the change of the build environment. Allow multiple selected rules to be moved around, including continuous and discontinuous selection.

Replaced Turkish language file with an improved version. Added Tamil India language file. Added more units tests for internal routines. Added unit tests for the Case rule. Added unit tests for the Regular Expressions rule. Added unit tests for the Pascal Script rule. Added unit tests for the Serialize rule.

Added unit tests for the Randomize rule. Added unit tests for the Padding rule. Added unit tests for the Clean Up rule. Added unit tests for the Translit rule. Added unit tests for the Reformat Date rule. Added unit tests for the User Input rule. Added unit tests for the ScanDateTime routine. Added Turkish language file.

Incorrect handling of an empty fragment in the Case rule produces an undefined result. Updated Bulgarian translit alphabet to match the official specification. Thanks to Kostadin Kolev. Added an alternative Bulgarian translit alphabet, used by chitanka. Focus on the relevant rule after editing or adding a rule. Remember location of additional windows: Add Rule, Analyze, Presets Manager.

It is redundant and conflicts with other settings. Refactored code for persisting main form location. Added Vietnamese translit alphabet. Thanks to Trung Tue. Updated Simplified Chinese language file. Thanks to Wander Max. Thanks to Aleksandar Milicevic Ozzii. Updated Portuguese language file. Cleaned up version history file. ReNamer 6. Issue introduced in v6. Enhanced storage path resolution with new path tags and handling of multiple path tags.

Added more unit tests for rules. Major code refactoring to improve automation and unit testing capabilities. Decoupled renaming rules from the visual components. Refactored renaming rule structures and management operations. Refactored file signature structures and management operations. Fixed incorrectly sized tool buttons in the Pascal Script window.

Added a dialog for manually entering file paths for renaming. Added various unit tests. Added Traditional Chinese Taiwan language file.

Updated German language file. Thanks to Kevin Scheitler. Remove all files more efficiently than one-by-one when all files match the clearing criteria. Efficiency improvements for files table clearing operations. Efficiency improvements for performing shell actions on files.

Internal refactoring. Find application language file independently of the executable file name. Perform a fast clearing of files tables when closing the application. Converted action buttons in the Pascal Script window to a toolbar. Better handling of long localized text. Changed the Z-order of controls in the Delete rule window. Avoid awkward overlapping with long localized text. Forbid the use of empty folder when creating preset links. Avoid an error.

Added Dutch language file. Updated Chinese Simplified language file. Thanks to WanderMax.

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A flexible and efficient tool for easily renaming your files

Changed build environment to Lazarus 1. Dropped support for Windows 9x platform.

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