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The ability to have private and authenticated chat sessions. Introduction to Pidgin and OTR 1. We recommend Jitsi as a replacement for Pidgin. As well as being able to use Jitsi for secure text chat including with Pidgin users , you can also use it to have secure voice and video communications with other Jitsi users.
Pidgin Portable Support

Pidgin Portable

The ability to have private and authenticated chat sessions. Introduction to Pidgin and OTR 1. We recommend Jitsi as a replacement for Pidgin. As well as being able to use Jitsi for secure text chat including with Pidgin users , you can also use it to have secure voice and video communications with other Jitsi users. The log-in details of your existing IM account are used to register and access your account through Pidgin. All users are encouraged to learn as much as possible about the privacy and security policies of their Instant Messaging account provider.

Pidgin supports the following IM services: Pidgin does not permit communication between different IM services. For instance, if you are using Pidgin to access your Google Talk account, you will not be able to chat with a friend using an ICQ account.

However, Pidgin can be configured to manage multiple accounts based on any of the supported messaging protocols. That is, you may simultaneously use both Gmail and ICQ accounts, and chat with correspondents using either of those specific services which are supported by Pidgin. It offers the following privacy and security features: You are assured the correspondent is who you think it is. After the chat session is finished, messages cannot be identified as originating from either your correspondent or you.

No one else can access and read your instant messages. Perfect Forward Security: If third party obtains your private keys, no previous conversations are compromised. Pidgin must be installed before the OTR plugin. Fortunately, the installation process for both the programs is easy and quick.

If it does, click to display the following screen: Figure 1: The Install Language confirmation box Step 2. Click to display the Welcome to the Pidgin 2. Step 3. Click to display the License Agreement screen; after you have read the License Agreement, click to display the Pidgin 2.

Step 4. Click to display the Pidgin 2. Step 5. Click to accept the default installation path, and display the Pidgin 2. A number of folders and files will begin installing themselves in rapid succession; after the installation process has been completed, the Pidgin 2. Step 6. Click to display the Completing the Pidgin 2. Step 7. Click 2. Double click ; the Open File – Security Warning dialog box may appear.

Figure 2: The Welcome to the pidgin-otr 4. Click to display the License Agreement screen; after you have completed reading the License Agreement, click to display the pidgin-otr 4. Click to begin the installation process. Click to complete installing the Pidgin-OTR messaging software plugin. After you have completed installing both Pidgin and OTR.

Figure 3: You have successfully completed installing both the Pidgin and OTR programs! All examples are based on the Riseup. Before you can start using Pidgin, you must already have an Instant Messaging IM account with one of the providers listed in Figure 6 below. Please refer to chapter RiseUp – Secure Email Service for information and instructions on how to create a Riseup account.

Step 1. The first time you use Pidgin, the following screen will appear: Figure 4: The Accounts confirmation window Step 2. Click to display a blank Add Account window as follows: Figure 5: Click the Protocol drop-down list to view the IM service protocols supported by Pidgin as follows: Figure 6: Select the appropriate IM protocol.

Different IM service providers will display their specific text fields for you to fill in. Some of them are automatically partly filled in.

However, all services require that you to enter a username and a password. Type in your email address for example, terencethetester riseup. Type in your password for this specific account in the Password field. Type a nickname you would like to be identified by in the Local Alias field. This field is optional. To optimise your privacy and security, do not enable the Remember password option.

It means that Pidgin will prompt you for your password whenever you log in to chat on-line. Doing this prevents imposters from logging in and pretending to be you, if you happen leave your computer unattended for some time. Also, remember to select the Quit item from the Buddies drop-down menu after finishing your chat session! A completed Add Account screen would resemble the following: Figure 7: An example of a completed Add Account form Step 8.

Click to complete adding your account, and simultaneously display an updated Accounts the Buddy List screens as follows: Figure 8: An updated Accounts window; Figure 9: The Buddy List in Active mode After completing these steps, you are now ready to register your Pidgin buddies, by entering their contact information. In the example that follows, Terence will add Salima as his buddy. To add a buddy to your IM account in Pidgin, perform the following steps: Figure The Buddy List menu with the “Add Buddy The Add Buddy window Step 2.

If you have multiple accounts, select the account that corresponds to the same messaging service as your ‘buddy’. However, you can register and use multiple accounts based on these supported protocols in Pidgin.

Type in your buddy’s email address in the Username field. The following step is optional. Type in an Alias or nickname for your buddy in the Optional Alias field, so that your Add Buddy form resembles the following screen: An example of a completed Add Buddy form Step 5. Click to add your buddy. This will send a message to your buddy requesting approval or authorisation of your request, and will appear for your correspondent Buddy List as follows: The Authorize buddy request as it appears on Salima’s Buddy List At this point, your buddy must perform the following step: Terence’s Buddy List displaying Salima as his buddy Note: In the example above, Salima’s Alias or nickname is displayed, adding yet another level of identity protection.

Right click your buddy’s name in the Buddy List to display a pop-up menu listing all the tasks you can perform as follows: The Buddy tasks menu Step 2.

Select the IM item from the pop-up menu to activate a typical chat window as follows: A typical chat window in Pidgin Now you are almost ready to chat with your buddy using Pidgin. First, however, you must configure the OTR encryption to ensure that your chat sessions will be private and secure.

Seen next page for this. Fortunately, Pidgin offers a way to re-enable your account. To do this, perform the following steps: Step 2. Open the Accounts menu, and then select the Manage Accounts item as follows:

Pidgin Portable 2.13.0

Does Pidgin support animated smileys? Running Windows Pidgin From a USB Drive (Portable Mode) · Running Linux Pidgin From a USB. Pidgin and Finch ship with a large collection of officially supported plugins which modify standard behavior in a number of ways. You can. Pidgin [Pidgin Logo] [Down Arrow] Get Pidgin for Linux · ChangeLog Supported chat networks: Bonjour; Gadu-Gadu; Google Talk; Groupwise.

Pidgin with OTR for Windows – secure instant messaging

This means you are free to use it and to modify it, but if you distribute your modifications you must distribute the modified source code as well. Pidgin can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. Pidgin supports many features of the various networks, such as file transfer, away messages, and typing notification. It also goes beyond that and provides many unique features. A few popular features are Buddy Pounces, which give the ability to notify you, send a message, play a sound, or run a program when a specific buddy goes away, signs online, or returns from idle; and plugins, consisting of text replacement, a buddy ticker, extended message notification, iconify on away, spell checking, tabbed conversations, and more.

1.0 Other tools like Pidgin and OTR

Please see our OTR-enabled software page. What is the license for the OTR software? The Off-the-Record Messaging Library is licensed under version 2.

REVIEW: Pidgin Portable (multi-protocol chat client) |

Popular Alternatives to Pidgin for Linux, Windows, Mac, Web, Android and more. Explore 25+ apps like Pidgin, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo. I had the same issue with multiple XMPP clients. After trying every fix suggested on the web, I still had no luck. Finally, looking through settings to see if there was . Скачать Pidgin Portable Use Pidgin on any computer, without installation. Pidgin is a very good multiprotocol IM client that supports MSN, Yahoo.

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