FancyCache: A Secondary Memory Cache For Windows

By | 10.06.2019

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If you really want to speed things up a little there’s a program from a company named SuperSpeed called SuperCache 5 that will help if you have enough ram in your system to dedicate some to it. I dedicated about 8GB out of 24GB ram to it. It’s also very easy to turn on or off depending on your needs. Not cheep! But, it does help and you can try it for free for 10 days.
FancyCache: a secondary memory cache for Windows

Use ram as hard drive cache ?

My girlfriend’s three years old Sony Vaio laptop is getting really slow so I will perform a clean Win7 install on it in a couple of weeks. While at it, I’m considering getting her to upgrade a component or two. I have tested this a little myself on both my SSD and HDD, but my system is already quite snappy so I can’t notice much of a difference, if any.

So it comes down to: I’ve switched all of my computers including my HTPC to using a SSD as the boot drive with traditional hard drives storing the bulk of the data. FancyCache Overview – a supplementary software caching scheme to improve the system performance. FancyCache is an interesting program for users of bit Windows systems with 4 or more Gigabyte of RAM, for PCs with Solid State Drives, and applications that perform many write operations on the system.

Don’t just take my word for it. Trust me, you will feel the performance difference of a modern SSD in day to day computing. That’s far more than I can say for most of today’s CPU and memory upgrades. The transition from magnetic storage to solid state storage is nothing less than a breakthrough. It’s already transformative; An from that same blog post: I can’t recall the last time that a new tech toy I got made such a dramatic difference in performance and just plain usability of a machine of mine.

The whole thing just rocks. Everything performs well. You can put that disk in a machine, and suddenly you almost don’t even need to care whether things were in your page cache or not. Firefox starts up pretty much as snappily in the cold-cache case as it does hot-cache.

You can do package installation and big untars, and you don’t even notice it, because your desktop doesn’t get laggy or anything. And those posts are from Things have only gotten better since then. As always, we highly recommend that you test out the beta versions on a non-production machine. We are quite confident that the current build is stable, but it is always best to wait for a final release version.

Beta testers should also make sure that they generate backups of the files and databases before testing. Just something to keep in mind. Usage patterns vary widely of course, but I don’t think it unreasonable in the 21st century to have a couple ‘thick’ apps such as a wordprocessor or spreadsheet running, plus a web browser with a dozen or so pages open.

Those combined are enough to cause many 4-gig machines to swap-to-disk.

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Load Apps and Data Faster. Effectively cache your frequently used applications, documents and other data into faster storage devices, accessing them at up to. . But for Windows’ cache to work optimally, you need enough spare memory for the cache. I’ve not used FancyCache so I can’t speak to that but I can speak to the That’s far more than I can say for most of today’s CPU and memory.

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Our thanks to EVGA for letting us get our grubby paws on this budget-friendly pixel pusher. We also needed a budget-friendly SSD to represent the upgrade option in our tests. Our thanks to OCZ for this drive, as well. It looks like just about every other M.

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Sun Nov 19, 7: I am going to run these again without Autosave and use an FPS target of 30 as the end point. Additionally, I modified the test a bit to include timing of the first load of the test save twice – the first is a load without textures cached, the second is a save with textures cached.

HOWTO VIDEO: windows 7 – Fancycache + HDD vs SSD – Super User

PrimoCache is a supplementary software caching scheme that cooperates with system memory to provide data caching for disks. . or other faster device as a secondary cache which will speed up traditional slow hard disks. Load Apps and Data Faster. Effectively cache your frequently used applications, documents and other data into faster storage devices, accessing them at up to. The extra is good for VM’s, RAMdisk, disk-caching utilities like FancyCache, and other unusual Yes, it is the 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium Version. following memory: Memory: MB RAM, Available OS Memory: MB RAM primary slot was 2 GB and the one in the secondary slot was 1 GB.

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