Download Satellite Restriction Tracker 0.4.4 – Monitor And Record Your Satellite Network Usage

By | 31.10.2019

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The Satellite Restriction Tracker tool automatically takes notes and stores your current bandwidth usage every fifteen minutes, displaying a small logo in your system tray while running. When you run the program, you will see a graph of your actual usage, as well as the hard numbers and the time the usage was noted. Opening the history tab will give you the option to list your usage given all former data, displaying it in easy to read graphics or grid representations, helping you plan your bandwidth usage and estimate when your usage values will decrease. You can customize the graphs and easily change the program’s features from the Configuration windows which will allow you to set alerts when you network usage rises too fast.
Download Satellite Restriction Tracker 0.4.4 - Monitor and record your satellite network usage

Z-Xtreme™ GPS Receiver Operations & Reference Manual

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Monitor and record your satellite network usage

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HOWTO: Download Satellite Restriction Tracker® latest free version | Downloadcom

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