Download GTranslate 0.9 – A Small Extension Which Lets You Translate Text In Any Web Page.

By | 01.11.2019

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Revision implemented Bug a – Style tweaks for Computed view implemented Bug – Rule view should highlight which sections of a css selector matches an element implemented Bug – Update jsb to fix various bugs Thunderbird – fixed bug with the draggable title bar implemented Bug – Click-to-Play doorhanger appearing on every page with Flash implemented Bug – Implement WebRTC navigator. Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs Revision Thunderbird – implemented Bug – make layout of elements in the filter editor use the space available in the dialog more efficiently and consistently. Thunderbird – implemented appmenu-button and appmenu Thunderbird – implemented Bug – Attachment box should be wider Thunderbird – implemented Bug – Use the platform specific presence icons in themes Thunderbird – implemented Bug – Separators in the message header pane toolbar are not visible Thunderbird – implemented draw in titlebar Thunderbird – fixed scrollbutton-down alignment implemented Bug – Secure connection text overflows location bar Implemented Bug – Add the portrait and user display name to the share button popup adjusts for the aboutSocialError implemented Bug – proper ui on transport failures added YouSendIt folder Thunderbird – implemented the new next and previous unread messages buttons Thunderbird – fixed tags not appearing when “Thunderbird Conversations” add-on is installed Thunderbird – implemented Bug – Add box. Thunderbird – implemented Bug – Change the appearance of the chat button instead of reopening the chat tab when receiving a message: Thanks to Loveforty!
Download gTranslate 0.9 - A small extension which lets you translate text in any web page.

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September 23, , But, it would make things a lot easier if there were somewhere you could go to find more basic guides that fit your specific needs. This might fit more in a specific forum topic or site section. I’m involved in running a small browserbased game and know how important it is with easy accessible help. I know this isn’t an commercial site, but I bet a collection of more newbie friendly articles would be very helpfull. Some things that I as a experienced windows user that uses his PC mostly for music, watching movies and series, chatting and surfing would appreciate myself would for instance be.

Setting up a working sound environment with HDMI. Let’s face it, HDMI is coming more and more and in general it’s a pest to get working in linux. That alone was one of two things that made me keep looking for other distros after having tried most of the popular ones.

The other things was the difficulties to get my monitor and TV set up correctly, side by side and not over and under which for some reason was the only way that would be accepted by other distros, no matter what drivers I used. That and getting the primary display setting to actually stick after a reboot or shutdown. This took care of my sound problems: It’s probably set up better since it’s included in the distro from start.

Audacious seems to be the best for handling large collections of music, hours of music mostly in high quality flac files, other players would simply crash trying to add all the files to the library. VLC for some reason have a sync problem between picture and sound, so I’m using XBMC even though I have to run it in window mode because of problems getting it to recognizing my monitor setup.

Setting up xchat is also something that’s been a challenge, much less so though than some of the other stuff. Even if my problems are related to very specific areas some of them are things that I think new users “expect” to, if not as easy as in windows, at least having easy accessible guides to be able to set it up properly.

The most computer savvy individualls are the younger generation, and even if many of them are proned to playing games, many also have HTPC’s and use PC’s as a media center and could as easily, with some help, use PCLOS for that. And with steam going for the linux market I’m guessing more people might want to give linux a try in regards to playing games as well.

I know there are guides or HOWTO’s for most things but it takes a lot of time to actually find any usefull information if all you want is to set up your PC to work more or less like windows. Linux is on one hand extremely customizable, much more so than windows, but sometimes there is such a thing as “too much options”. And this leads me to something that I’ve found very usefull in windows to make reinstalling the OS simpler and that’s knowing where files are stored. I saw someone mentioning something similar earlier in this topic.

Knowing which files to save would also be usefull so you simply could install the programs you usually use and then just replace the necessary files with your old saved ones to get your specific settings back even on a newly installed system. I’ve already tried this and it didn’t really work. Granted, I only tried it to revert changes made to the same system, not on a completely new system.

Time to stop ranting now I think.

A small extension which lets you translate text in any web page

Extensions · Featured · Most Popular · Top Rated To try the thousands of add- ons available here, download Mozilla Firefox, a fast, free way to surf the Web! Close And you still need to install another add-on if you want to be able to send the entire page (URL) to google translate (rather than only selected text). But then . gTranslate – Translates the selected text via Google Translate. .. ScrapBook – Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection. A extension is an addition (extends) to the main papermodel And some I haven ‘t tested enough to say something about: gTranslate, Translate and translator. Pearl Crescent Page Saver – Lets you capture images of web pages in PNG format. if they need additional features, while keeping Firefox small to download.

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May 26, at Active Stop Button 1. Adblock Filterset. G Updater 0. Adblock Plus 0.

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September 23, , But, it would make things a lot easier if there were somewhere you could go to find more basic guides that fit your specific needs.

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When deactivating the plugin, notify the Akismet API so the site can be You can run extend/plugins/regenerate – GTranslate is a leading website translation services provider since Widget Visibility text labels with icons to improve usability on smaller devices. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, You can either translate the selected text, this way the translated text will “desc”: “With gTranslate you can translate any text in a webpage just by . org/firefox/downloads/file//”, “name”: . NoScript is a Firefox extension that enables you to interactively block Java, of the current website and displays the country’s flag icon in the Firefox address bar. Firemin is a small app that eliminates all memory leaks in Firefox and keeps .. process, translate or manipulate any selected text on a web page (or simply.

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